In this step by step guide to managing normal "parent burnout" you will discover:

  • How to instantly handle moments of mum overwhelm   
  • How to process and redirect stress on the go
  • How to stay connected with your child, even during shared moments of distress (so that your relationship is protected)
  • How to remain calm and in control, allowing you to be truly proud of how you are doing Mum Life 

“Marguerite is genuine, kind and compassionate. Her calm and understanding nature has lead me to talk openly and comfortably with her about life’s tricky circumstances and I value her well balanced guidance.” Kate C 

“Marguerite is the queen of keeping it real! Her knowledge is invaluable, inspiring, easy to relate to and is delivered in a gentle and completely achievable way.” Jane G


This free resource is brought to you by Marguerite Schultz.  I have put this together as I am so passionate about mums, being a mum of 3 boys myself.  As a Clinical Psychologist I have been gifted with tools that I get to share with amazing women on their journey of raising children.  If you want the mum life you desire and deserve, this resource is for you! 

Get the Mum Life That You WANT and DESERVE
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